Why having a Website for your business is necessary and how much it cost in Pakistan

In Pakistan, like most of the other technologies and innovations being introduced these days, especially for businesses, which are actually at least a decade old for the rest of the world, having a website is also a hot thing. The question is, does a website actually have some important role or its just a fashion?


In this blog, we'll have an answer to that. But before jumping to that, just wait a min, stop here and think…,…,…


Well, to have an answer of it just have a look at your day and observe how many times you went to Google to search something; maybe a place, a product, or for any company or an organization. Ever wonder how Google knows about all these things and why always or most of the time you are able to find what you are looking for? It's not mere a magic but actually the websites that are live, online and searchable.


If that business or a product you are searching for isn't listed on a website or let's say don't have their own website, Google can’t show any result about them. We'll also talk about how Google read the info you upload on your website and rank on it's search engine but before that here is a very important catch for you especially if you are running a business in Pakistan and don't have a website yet.


So far, there are only a limited number of businesses went online if we compare it to the western world which means the competition we see in other countries to rank your website higher in Google search results to get more and more traffic and customers, is quite low in Pakistan. You can easily get enough attention of online searchers without spending so much money like we need to do if we are competing in developed countries' markets.


It won't be wrong to say that having a website for your business is a must-have thing these days. In fact, if you don't have any online presence yet, you'll not able to compete with the brands in the coming years who are able to gain pretty good attention of 'Google Baba'.


Now, we do have some knowledge that a website is important for your business; the next question is how much a website costs in Pakistan? Well, there isn't any fix cost/price and it really depends on various factors such as number of pages of your website, whether you need a fresh design as per your company brand or a pre-built one is fit for your needs, the quality you are looking for, and the company you are purchasing it from.


 A few companies provide a website for a fix cost but doesn't offer after sales services such as keeping your website up to date or fixing any issues it may have in future whereas there are a few companies which offer a monthly economical plan and also provide a continuous maintenance and technical support such as GoWeb.pk. This company even offers a plan to have a website only for 499/Month for your business in Pakistan especially for new business websites and startup business websites (you can read more details about it on this link.)


When you search for a company, unless you are content creator yourself, don’t simply order a website but also have a content writing and SEO services. The more original and effective content your website will have, the more organic traffic you’ll receive to your website and not to mention again, more traffic means more customers for your business.


Again, if you are running a business in Pakistan and you don’t have a business website, start looking for one ASAP.


Before concluding this blog, I’d also like to give an idea about Domains and Hosting costs and what does it mean. In simple words, a domain is a unique name that typically represent your business for example, if you business name is XYZ Consultings, you’d have a domain name www.xyzconsultings.com or www.xyzconsulting.pk depends on the availability of a domain name. A hosting is technically a space in a computer (called a server) which is linked to the domain name you have purchased. Regarding the cost, in Pakistan, a domain cost between 2500 to 3000 for two years. You can register a domain yourself or ask your web development company to do it for you.

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